Vision , Mission and Activities

Vision , Mission and Activities

Association’s visions

The visions of the Cambodia Constructors Association (C.C.A) are:

  1. Transform the national construction industry into an industry of confidence, productivity, accountability and competitiveness both in domestic and international markets.
  2. Enable all members of the Cambodia Constructors Association to become the constructors of high standards and international rankings.
  3. Provide the Cambodia Constructors Association with the role as an organization which helps coordinate the relations between the Royal Government and the private construction sector in the interests of the construction industry.

Association’s missions

The Cambodia Constructors Association (C.C.A) has the following missions:

    1. Initiate the establishment of the ethics for constructors;
    2. Establish partnership and promote cooperation among constructors;
    3. Encourage and support capacity building for association members;
    4. Strive to protect association members;
    5. Promote advancement within the construction industry.

Association’s activities

In order to accomplish the aims and goals stated in article 5 above, the association has the following activities:

  1. Purchase, construct  or lease a property or location for setting up the head office of the association, and recruit or hire employees to serve the association.
  2. Manage, improve, develop and use the property or employees, lease, donate, put up as collateral, or hypothecate the property of the association in the interests of the association.
  3. Accept donations offered to the association by one or more members of the association or any other individuals.
  4. Execute or fulfill other functions such as any construction that serves the interests of the association.
  5. Provide material support or other forms of support to the association member to the extent determined by the executive committee  of the association.
  6. Offer awards, allowances and scholarships to any individuals who are well-qualified, using the association funds.
  7. Support the association members according to their requests related to any negotiation or communication with the third party on the topics of construction, development and architectural work.
  8. Organize workshops or training courses with the technical support of the Ministry of Land Management, Urban planning and Construction or from any other institutions for members, employees, workers, and technical personnel related to construction and the development of the construction sector.
  9. Cooperate with ASEAN countries and other countries internationally.