Application Form

Document For Applying

Enterprises and companies with business operations in construction, study and design as well as all other units operating in the construction sector such as building decoration companies, suppliers or manufacturers of construction materials and equipment, construction machinery companies, water and electricity system installation companies, and mechanics are entitled to apply for the association membership by consenting to comply with the statutes and internal regulations of the association.There are three types of association members:

1. Honorary members

The honorary members refer to the personages who contribute ideas and help coordinate the function of the association to bring about development in the construction sector. The Minister of Land Management, Urban planning and Construction is one of the honorary members of the association.

2. Founder members

The founder members refer to the company directors who contribute to initiating the establishment of this association and provide support in various forms.

3. Supporting members

The supporting members refer to the companies which have applied for the association membership and consent to comply with the statutes and internal regulations of the association.