Cambodia International Industry Expo

The Annual Cambodia Construction Industry Exhibition is hosted and organized by the Cambodia Constructors Association (CCA)​ as part of the​​ association’s annual general assembly. The exhibition intends to showcase and promote the construction materials, services, and technologies available in Cambodian market. Most of the CCA members will participate in this exhibition to showcase materials, equipment, machinery, services, properties, and so on. The show receives support from many public institutions including the Ministry of Land Management Urban Planning and Construction,​ the Ministry of Commerce,​ the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, the Board of Architects of Cambodia, the Board of Engineers Cambodia, and especially the ASEAN Constructors Federation (ACF) and International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors’ Association-IFAWPCA.

As part of this mega event, CCA will invite local and international executives/managers of construction firms, architecture & design consultancies, construction material, equipment and machinery suppliers/distributers, and real estate agencies including owners of property development projects like residential bloc ( Borei ), condominiums, apartments and other relevant property projects. Moreover, CCA will also invite Oknha, and Excellencies who are well-known investors in the construction and property industries. Many architects, engineers, construction project managers and professionals immersed in the construction and property markets will also participate in this first-ever flagship building expo.

CCA will be honored to invite the Minister of the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction to preside over the event. Other officials representing public institutions such as the Board of Engineers Cambodia, the Board of Architects of Cambodia and the ASEAN Constructors Federation will also be present too. CCA will invite national and foreign visitors who are in needs to buy, sell or distribute products, seek business partners or skilled persons within the industries, especially those who are potential buyer, investor or partner in the projects.

The show will play a very prominent role for the nation’s development, because via this event, a wide range of construction materials, equipment, tools, machinery and hi-technologies will be showcased to serve the kingdom’s construction industry that will beautify the sector into the modern, standardized and safe developments. This will reflect the country’s economic prosperity. Thank you.