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Special preparing 

the Construction

Expo,that organize

by CCA for whom 

has construction 

Industry business 

in Cambodia. 



Rent the booth

only 900+USD

hurry up, just

this Expo you

get many feedback

after event and just

CCA's organizer prepare

the B2B program for

you and make opportunities

business matching in

the Expo event.


B2B of Cambodia, just have preparing for only in Cambodia Construction Industry Expo that host by CCA on 1-3 Dec 2016 at Koh Pich,Don't loose time and good opportunities, please come to participate with this Expo , The booth rental is cheapest ( only 900-1500 USD /3day )  and get back many feedback and benefit.


Hurry Up,


the Cambodia Construction Industry Expo coming on 1-3 Dec 2016 at Koh Pich, Phnom Penh city,Cambodia.Biggest Expo in Cambodia. Rent booth cost only 900-1500 USD ( 3x3 )m for 3 days including free of charge the coupon of lunch and cocktail reception. The organizer will invite more than 500 businessmen to participate the business network party and more than 15,000  profesional visitors to visit Expo. Just CCA's organizer spend and has priority to help exhibitors no one else, after event the CCA will help promote your product all full year by CCA's media as website,facebook,brochure and directory.

So please compare with other only Cambodia Construction Industry Expo that organize by CCA ,the rent booth cost is cheapest and more get feedback and profit.


Only Cambodia Construction Industry Expo,host by CCA

prepare the opportunity of business matching for exhibitors,

visitors and CCA's members.



The benefit and feedback from this Expo as below :

+ For Exhibitors :


- most opportunities to extend or matching the business.

- meeting directly with businessmen.

- could found or seek the partnership deallers and distributors

- could sell the products

- spend a little but get a lot  benefit and feedback after event past

- the CCA will promote exhibitor's products full year in CCA's media.

+ For the Visitors:

- know all construction issues as Cambodia construction investment or development projects.

- Know the new technologies and modern of all kind of construction materials, equipments and machineries.

- Could match the business or found the partnership or joinventure



Many local & oversea companies of construction industry come to participate in this Expo.


The cost renting booth is cheapest if compared with others Expo, only 900 - 1,500 USD/booth for 3 days.Included 2 lunch coupon on the first day and1 Gala Dinner coupon in Business network party ( B to B ) on the second day


Only this Expo event the organizer will prepare the opportunity to meet, discuss and match the business directly with local and foreigner buyers, Investors, developers, constractors, designers, dealers and distributors.


Just CCA's Expo Organizer has most opportunity to help the exhibitors to promote their products in CCA's website and in Expo directory for deliver full year.


The Construction Industry Expo is the biggest and have only one in Cambodia.This event the ASEAN Constructors Federation, the ASEAN-China Business Council , the China-ASEAN Construction Materials Industry Committee and the International Federation of ASEAN & Western Pacific Construcors' Association (IFAWPCA), especialy H.E Senior Minister of Ministry of Land Management Urban Planning and Construction and the Governor of Phnom Penh Municipality will to participate and give welcome and support speech in this Expo too.

In this event CCA will invite a lot of Contractors, Designers, Materials Equipments of Construction Supplies Companies, Developers, Property Developers, Engineers, Architectures, Site Construction Managers and who has job or business related with construction work to join in this event.








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